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E189: The Doodlers

Coffee Lovers Radio -- taking a moment to slow down

The year is well underway and we’re in the thick of life. We pause for a moment to share over a cup of coffee. Coming up soon, get your questions…

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Coffee lovers Radio - Coffee and talk Podcast 2022

E188: Less is Less

It’s a new year. Is it a new you? Is it a new us? In this new years episode we wax philosophical about the road which has brought us here,…

gifts for coffee lovers

E187: Our Most Unusual Coffee Wishes

We’re coming up on the holiday season and that means presents! What better gift to give than coffee? (or coffee equipment and related things) So we decided to share some…

E182: Back To The Terrace Part 2

Were’ back! Again … unfortunate folly has befallen us over the past couple months, but Coffee Lovers Radio is back on the terrace again. Join us this fresh episode as…

E176: A Virtual Thanksgiving - Coffee Lovers Radio - Coffee Podcast

E176: A Virtual thanksgiving

It’s our annual Thanksgiving episode! Joseph and Jesse talk virtual Thanksgiving, in a very unconventional year for traditions, we try to keep them going and perhaps even start new ones….

E175: Grinders and Zombies

We dive into some listener mail in this episode and get all into coffee grinders. Plus, ‘From The Mug’ makes a return and we have a little fun with zombies…

Virtual Coffee - Coffee Lovers Radio - Coffee Podcast

E174: Virtual Coffee

In this episode, we talk about the oddness of sharing what is a key physical sensory experience in our current non-physical limited lives. Coffee over the internet. How does it…

E173 - It's Time - Go Vote

E173: It’s Time

On the show today, Jesse and Joseph catch up with the goings on in life, trials and tribulations during the pandemic. Also, IT’S TIME TO VOTE! GO VOTE! DO IT!…

E172 - Visit With an Old Friend - Anchorhead Coffee - Coffee Podcast

E172: Visit With an Old Friend

On the show today we welcome back an old friend, Jake Paulson of Anchorhead Coffee! We previously had Anchorhead on the show for episode 104, and we’ve known Jake and…

E171: Nitty Gritty

In this episode we get into the nitty gritty of brewing details, exploring different small changes in your brewing technique which can make a huge difference in the resulting taste…

E170: 100 Thousand

On this show, we celebrate 100,000 listens of Coffee Lovers Radio. Join us as we thank our listeners and reminisce on some of our favorite moments. Hosts: Joseph Robertson –…