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The year is well underway and we’re in the thick of life. We pause for a moment to share over a cup of coffee.

Coming up soon, get your questions answered!

Have questions about coffee? Just comment below and let us know, we’re always pleased to help you get further into this passion.


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Jesse Nelson –

2 thoughts on “E189: The Doodlers”

  1. Hello Joseph and Jesse.

    About the question, if Joseph returned a Kalita wave dripper to Jesse. Based on information from “Kalita vs Kalita” and “How to brew the Kalita wave” on Joseph’s YouTube show, if Joseph still have a metal Kalita wave, I guess you need to give that back to Jesse.

    Anyway, thank you for your work and continued efforts. I really enjoy myself listening your Podcast. Stay safe and keep up good work.

    Thank you,


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