On this episode we talk Good Food Awards Coffees – what does it really mean to get this kind of award? Why are these coffees award-winning? And how does this kind of award program help coffee as a whole? Are these coffees ‘better’ than all others? All questions we talk about while drinking some delicious coffee.

Featured on the show: Ladro’s Ethiopia Limu – https://store.caffeladro.com/ethiopia-limu-organic-12oz-p541.aspx

Check out the Good Food Awards: https://goodfoodfdn.org/awards/winners/2019/coffee/

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Get some of Conduit’s Myanmar: https://www.conduitcoffee.com/collections/coffee/products/myanmar-myaynikone


Joseph Robertson – Extracted Magazine – https://www.extractedmagazine.com

Jesse Nelson – Conduit Coffee – https://www.conduitcoffee.com