page title icon CLR-E101: 14 Million Pounds of Coffee

Coffee is HUGE – it’s bigger throughout the world than you can really imagine, even given that you can find it on every single corner. All of our individual experiences with coffee is through single cups. Just a bit of beans at a time, consuming a pound or two here and there. In this episode we explore one of the critical roles in getting coffee to you…

We visit The Green Room, a massive coffee storage warehouse in Auburn Washington – in this space (which turns out to be half the size of an Ikea, approx), the folks at The Green Room climate control store around 100k bags of green coffee at any given time (translating to some 10-15 million pounds). This is an important waypoint between import of coffee and the roaster, a place for coffee to stay safe, secure, and stable, before it’s final destination.

On the show we take you on a tour, and try to give you an impression of this important step in the coffee supply chain.


Joseph Robertson – Coffee Lovers Magazine –

Jesse Nelson – Conduit Coffee –

Extended Show Notes:

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