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CLR-E96: Making Espresso at Home

Espresso is one of those coffee brewing methods which looks awesome, and is delicious, but turns out to be a crazy amount of effort. Most of the time, we’ll just go to a cafe to get our espresso, because the coffee will be freshest, and the trained baristas will prepare it the best. But on … Read more

CLR-E95: Advancing Your Coffee Experience

We’ve talked before about getting into good coffee – but what happens next? Now that you drink and enjoy fresh roasted, well-crafted coffee on a day to day basis, how do you dive further down the rabbit hole? In this episode, we explore… Hosts: Joseph Robertson – Coffee Lovers Magazine – Jesse Nelson – … Read more

CLR-E94: Iced Pourover vs Coldwave – Which is Better?

It’s summertime and that mean’s it’s high time for iced coffee! Jesse and I take a look again at the Coldwave, this time we put it head to head against our traditional favorite iced coffee brewing method, the iced pour-over, also known as ‘Japanese iced method.’ While the Coldwave has stormed onto the scene as … Read more

CLR-E93: Getting Into Great Coffee

We talk a lot about great coffee on this show – becoming a connoisseur, tasting coffee, exploring flavors. We drink a lot of delicious coffee and share with you our experiences. But how do you get there? On this show, we talk about what the average home coffee brewer can do to dive deeper into … Read more

CLR-E92: What is a Coffee Connoisseur?

What is a Coffee Connoisseur? With the coffee industry bringing specialty coffee to more and more people, the average coffee drinker is starting to more easily realize that coffee can have a wide range of unique and fascinating flavors. In this show, Jesse and Joseph get into the idea of being a ‘coffee connoisseur.’ At … Read more

CLR-E91: Voila – Specialty Instant Coffee

Think instant coffee is gross? It might something you’ve only turned to in desperation, but times they are a changin. Voila is Specialty Instant Coffee. In this episode, Jesse and I sit down and try out this instant coffee. We experiment with a couple things, talk about instant coffee in general, and give our thoughts … Read more

CLR-E90: Peru and the Global Coffee Expo

Having just gone through SCA’s Global Coffee Expo – a massive coffee industry convention – we sit down and talk about our experience. We also welcome a wonderful guest on the show, longtime fan James Astuhuaman, from Peru. We first met James at last year’s show, and finally, we have a chance to sit down … Read more

CLR-E89: Coffee and Cheese Pairing

Jesse and Joseph sit down with a delicious coffee from Peru and some lovely 12 and 15 year Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese. Coffee pairs amazingly with all sorts of well-made things. Amongst the goodness, we talk up some of our favorite companies and share a little bit about the Specialty Coffee Expo. Note: I was late … Read more