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E194: Spring Changes

Spring Changes, Coffee Lovers Radio Episode 194

Spring has sprung, and with 2023 come some major changes for Conduit Coffee. Their current roaster space is closing. What will happen next? Hosts: Joseph Robertson –  Jesse Nelson…

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Past Episodes

Albert Gorithm - our AI assistant

E193: Albert Gorithm

Welcome to Coffee Lovers Radio, your number one spot for all things coffee! Join hosts Joseph and Jesse—two passionate coffee connoisseurs—as they explore the wondrous world of artificial intelligence and…

E192: Growing Trees

After feeling the first couple weeks of the new year, we’ve realized our focus is much different than we thought. In this episode, we talk about loving the process and…

E191: What Did We Even Do?

It’s a new year! Is it a new us? Looking back on 10 years of coffee and what we’re gonna do next. As usual we talk about last year’s resolutions…

Two Dudes, Coffee, and The Holidays - A Coffee Lovers Radio Production

E190: Two Dudes, Coffee and The Holidays

2022 has been quite a year, and while we have been largely absent from Coffee Lovers Radio, it’s been for good reason. But for now, it’s time to enjoy some…

Coffee Lovers Radio -- taking a moment to slow down

E189: The Doodlers

The year is well underway and we’re in the thick of life. We pause for a moment to share over a cup of coffee. Coming up soon, get your questions…

Coffee lovers Radio - Coffee and talk Podcast 2022

E188: Less is Less

It’s a new year. Is it a new you? Is it a new us? In this new years episode we wax philosophical about the road which has brought us here,…

gifts for coffee lovers

E187: Our Most Unusual Coffee Wishes

We’re coming up on the holiday season and that means presents! What better gift to give than coffee? (or coffee equipment and related things) So we decided to share some…

Traveling with coffee

E186: An Epic Summer

Joseph and Jesse return to the mic after an epic summer to share in a bit of story. They also dive into a selection of on-the-go single cup style coffee…

coffee lovers radio coffee podcast episode 185 coffee anywhere

E185: Enjoying Coffee Anywhere

It’s our much delayed summer feature! How to enjoy coffee no matter where you are or what you are doing. Our exploration of various types of traveling coffee options ……

coffee processing - coffee lovers radio - coffee podcast

E184: The Invisible hand of flavor

The invisible hand in your coffee, heavily influencing all the nuance of flavor, intensity, and quality … It’s something you’ll never see in your cup, but it’s always there. We…

E183: Is There Money in Coffee?

E183: Money In Coffee?

There’s always money in the banana stand. Well, what about the coffee stand? Or any coffee business at all. We go behind the scenes a bit to give you an…

E182: Back To The Terrace Part 2

Were’ back! Again … unfortunate folly has befallen us over the past couple months, but Coffee Lovers Radio is back on the terrace again. Join us this fresh episode as…

e181: Processing, Coffee, and Mugs - Coffee Podcast

e181: Processing, Chocolate, and Mugs

In this episode we share some interesting coffees we’re currently exploring, talk chocolate, and ‘From The Mug’ makes a reappearance. Hosts Joseph Robertson – https://www.extractedmagazine.comJesse Nelson – Extended Show…

E180: We're Back! - Coffee Lovers Radio - Coffee Podcast

e180: We’re Back!

After a little beginning of the year hiatus, we’re back at the helm and “On the Terrace” to bring you more coffee goodness. Join us in our little update episode…

E179: It’s A Beautiful New Year

We could have also called this episode Happy DreamPhone – but we’ll leave you to listen to discover why. In our New Years episode, we leave 2020 in the dust…

Twas the Night Before Christmas - Coffee Edition

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas … Coffee themed! Something special for all of you to enjoy this Christmas season. Written and Read by Joseph Robertson Have you joined our email…

Coffee Lovers Radio Christmas Episode 2020 - Coffee Podcast

E178: It’s a holly jolly coffee

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there! Our annual Christmas episode is back. In this one we talk a bit about Conduit’s holiday coffee blend, and then get…

Health and Coffee - Coffee Lovers Radio - A Coffee Podcast

E177: Health and Coffee

On the show today we dive in with an actual serious look at all the research which has been done in terms of your health and coffee. What is actually…

E176: A Virtual Thanksgiving - Coffee Lovers Radio - Coffee Podcast

E176: A Virtual thanksgiving

It’s our annual Thanksgiving episode! Joseph and Jesse talk virtual Thanksgiving, in a very unconventional year for traditions, we try to keep them going and perhaps even start new ones….

E175: Grinders and Zombies

We dive into some listener mail in this episode and get all into coffee grinders. Plus, ‘From The Mug’ makes a return and we have a little fun with zombies…

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